Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Getting Started

Do you have a small trial size?

Chompers has a full money back guarantee. If you don't like it just let us know and we'll refund you. Try it out there is no risk!

What is Chompers Club?

Chompers Club provides a monthly subscription of daily cleansing gel to keep your dog's teeth and mouth in tip-top shape. Each month, our customers receive 4 weekly packs with daily gel packets for their pup.

How many gel packets do I receive?

Each box comes with 4 weekly packs each containing 7 gel packets meant to be given to your pup once a day. And an extra gel packet to give to your dog's favorite playmate. When you’re nearing the end of your packs, your next box should be on its way.

Can I order for all of my dogs?

Yes! When you're ordering, just specify the number of pups you'll be ordering for.

Can I just order one box?

Sure. After you've placed your order, email us and we'll pause your subscription. Then email us when you are ready to continue.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all states in the US.

How It Works

About our enzyme cleansing gel

What are the ingredients?

Each gel packet contains water, glycerol, lactose free skim milk powder, chicken extract, sorbitol, microcrystalline cellulose, alginate, citric acid, carboxymethyl cellulose, potassium sorbate. And powerful enzymes harvested from mushrooms that help break down bacteria including amyloglucosidase and glucose oxidase.

Is the gel safe to eat?

Yes. It’s made from natural, food-grade ingredients, so it’s safe for your pup to eat—but no more than one packet per day! Don’t overdo it; it’s like eating toothpaste.

Is the gel healthy?

It is! We designed our gel from scratch to be low-calorie, contain only dog-safe ingredients, and not include any artificial sweeteners, colorings, or additives.

Is it gluten free?

There is no gluten in Chompers gel.

What flavor are your gels?

We currently offer Chicken flavor, which was by far the most popular flavor with dogs during our testing. We also have some other flavors lined up for release. If you're interested in a specific flavor please let me know.

I thought Sorbitol was bad for dogs?

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in some fruit and is used in many chewing gums and toothpastes (dogs and humans). Sorbitol is not toxic to dogs but consuming a lot of it, like any sugar, can give you an upset stomach. For this reason, there is very little sorbitol used in gums and toothpastes.

Best ways to use the gel

Can the gel be apply directly on teeth?

Sure it can. You can definitely apply it directly using a toothbrush, your hand, or something else. However we designed the system so that you wouldn't have to, to make it easier. The important thing is that once it is in the mouth, the dog generates some friction by chewing on something, either a toy, a bone, or a chewy treat. That friction is what helps activate the enzymes in the gel so that they are more effective than just leaving them on the teeth.

There’s an extra gel packet in my box. What's that for?

It’s a free bonus! We hope your pup enjoys it.

Can I put the gel directly into the dogs mouth or does it have to go on a toy?

You can definitely put it directly in the dog's mouth, or put it on something other than a toy or treat or bone. The key is simply that while it's in the mouth, they create some friction (to activate the enzymes) by chewing on something. It's ok for instance if they lick the gel off of a treat, and then chew on it after, as long as they chew soon after the gel is in their mouth.

Is this product used instead of using the toothbrush? Is it as effective?

The way that our gel works is that it prevents the buildup of bacteria that eventually results in plaque and tartar. It does this through enzymatic activity that cuts the bonds between molecules that stick together to eventually form the bacterial mass. For the enzymes to activate there needs to be some friction, which is generated by your dog chewing on something like a toy, bone or treat. That extra daily chewing will create a similar effect as brushing, but the gel will do much more than that.

All that said, Chompers Club is intended for daily use and to replace the need for brushing with a toothbrush. In order to effectively replace a brush, you just need to ensure that your dog is chewing significantly on either a toy or a treat/bone when they have the gel in their mouth.

You can always decide to brush in addition to that if you'd like, but it shouldn't be necessary.

One more thing to mention. If your dog already has significant chunks of tartar in their teeth, you need to get those chunks out with a professional cleaning. In this case regular toothbrushing will not get those out. After the cleaning, if you use our gel, the plaque and tartar will now have a much harder time building up again.

Does it freshen doggy breath?

Regarding doggie breath, having a healthier mouth will improve their breath smell over time. That said, we do not use harsh or intense compounds to deliberately cover up bad breath.

Building a daily habit

When’s the best time to start using the gel?

There’s no time like the present! Immediately after a dental cleaning at the vet, when plaque has been removed from your dog’s teeth, is also a great time to start a new routine and keep bad bacteria in check.

What if i miss a day?

If you miss a day, just use the regular amount the next day. Don’t double-up on doses. And don’t worry about missing a day now and then—healthy mouths are built over time.

Is the gel used daily?

Yes Chompers Club is a product you use daily. We designed it that way to make it easy to build a habit of dental care for your dog, just like we humans do. Our gel is also made to be delicious to your dog so they will love it and build a habit themselves.

I just rub the gel on my dog's teeth every day. Is that okay?

Yes, you can rub the gel on his teeth but right away get him to engage in some sort of chewing activity. Either a treat or food. Even better if you can apply the gel to his favorite treat or food that he chews. The key is that either during or after the gel goes into his mouth, that he's chewing on something. That chewing activity creates friction which activates the enzyme cascade in the gel. We're also working on putting our enzymatic gel into treats that you can take daily, but that's still in development.

Importance of chewing action

What happens if my dog just licks the gel and doesn’t chew?

The chewing action is important for removing plaque from your dog’s teeth. Try using the toy that’s included in your box and see if you can maximize your dog’s time spent chewing.

How long should my dog chew for?

At least two minutes. The longer they chew, the better for their teeth. At the very least, you want the gel to coat your dog’s teeth.

Dog differences to consider

I have a really large (or really small dog). Is this the right amount of gel?

Yes. Our 3-gram gel packets are sized to work for small, medium, and large dogs.

Is Chompers suitable for puppies?

Our gel is perfect for puppies. And most importantly, starting dental care with your puppy is the most important habit to create early on for life long health. It's a habit that's difficult to form and that's why we created Chompers to be easy to use. The important thing is to get into a daily habit. But you should definitely act! Chompers will help prevent the buildup of bacteria that builds towards plaque, tartar and eventually tooth decay.

My dog doesn't like toys. What should I give him so he can use Chompers?

You can apply our gel on any of your dog's favorite toys, treats, or bones. The key is that either during or after the gel goes into the dog's mouth, they're chewing on something. That chewing activity creates friction which activates the enzyme cascade in the gel. We're also working on putting our enzymatic gel into treats that you can take daily, but that's still in development.

Will Chompers work on a senior pup with bad teeth?

Yes, Chompers Club gel works for all dogs, regardless of age. The way the gel works is that it helps prevent the buildup of bacteria that eventually lead to plaque and tartar. Older dogs have a harder time and sometimes have poor teeth already, but bacterial buildup doesn't stop, and exacerbates the problem. The best time to start with the gel is after a cleaning as you'll prevent that buildup from making things worse and encourage a health oral environment.

Are there different sizes for different sized dogs?

Your dog's size does not change the single dose amount for Chompers gel, but it will definitely affect what kind of toy or treat you apply the gel to. The enzymes in the gel are microscopic so we use enough gel for the biggest dog's mouth. As long as the enzymes get into the mouth and distribute with saliva, there will be sufficient enzymes to activate with friction and effectively prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

My dog is very picky with his treats. What happen if my dog doesn’t like it?

The good news is that we designed Chompers to work with any existing toys or treats. Some dogs are picky, some prefer treats and some prefer toys. So you can apply the gel onto your dog's favorite treat brand and he will not only get a treat he loves but also take care of his dental health!


How do i know if this is working?

Just like human dental care, doggy dental care takes time to show results. At your annual check-up with the vet, be sure to get a dental assessment to see how things are progressing. Another shortcut: do a sniff test of your doggie’s breath after 8 weeks of daily use. It should be noticeably less funky!

Is there a time frame on how long it takes for the gel to start working?

The way that our gel works is that it prevents the buildup of bacteria that eventually results in plaque and tartar. Think of it as a super powerful toothpaste backed with enzymatic science. If you have chunks of tartar in your teeth, it will help, but you need to get those chunks out with a professional cleaning. But then if you use this gel, the plaque and tartar will have a much harder time building up again.

I have never brushed my dog's teeth or had them cleaned. Is it too late? Will the gel help this far down the road?

First of all it's not too late! Dental care is a lifelong habit. It's a habit that's difficult to form which is why we designed Chompers to be easy to use. The important thing is to get into a daily habit. But you should definitely act! Many dogs eventually have to have teeth pulled when they aren't taken care of. The best way to think about dental care is to go to the vet for an annual cleaning, and the rest of the time use a daily habit forming solution like Chompers. Chompers will help prevent the buildup of bacteria that builds towards plaque, tartar and eventually tooth decay.

Your Subscription

Manage my subscription

How does my subscription work?

We send you a new box containing 4 weekly packs of gel every 30 days.

When will I receive my box each month?

Renewals are set to be delivered every 30 days starting from your first delivery.

Why is this a subscription?

"Chompers Club is a subscription so that it makes it easy to commit to building a habit of dental care for your dog. From our experience talking to dog owners, the biggest problem is just maintaining a habit. A subscription makes that easier by arriving at your door every month.

Apart from that, Chompers has a money back guarantee, so if you purchase it and your dog doesn't like it in the first month we will refund your purchase. So try it there is no risk!"

Can I just order one month's worth and not be subscribed?

At the moment there isn't an option to place a single order. The best solution would be to place your order then shoot us an email saying you'd like to pause your account after your first order.

When will I be billed?

"Before your next month is due to ship, you will get an email that your pack is shipping soon. At that point your card will be charged and your order will ship a few days later.

Can I change my name or email on my account?

Yes you can. Email us at howlback@chompersclub.com and we'll take care of that for you!

Shipping details

How long will it take for my box to arrive?

Your box will ship from our warehouse in New Jersey, usually within 5-8 days from the date ordered, if not sooner. We'll send you a tracking number once the carrier has received the order. Tracking should then update within 24 hours after being shipped with an estimated delivery date for the order.

Can I update my shipping address?

Yes you can! Send us an email at howlback@chompersclub.com. If an order has already processed, this change will affect your next order.

Can I delay my next ship date?

You can email us at howlback@chompersclub.com if you need your next order delivered on a particular date, and we will set that up for you.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free!

Cancels & Returns

What is your return policy?

We want you and your pup to be happy with Chompers! If you are not for any reason, let us know and we'll provide a full refund. No need to return the packs.

How do i cancel?

We'll be sad to see you go. You can cancel any time by emailing us at howlback@chompersclub.com. Be sure to email from the email account you used to sign up for Chompers. And in the message let us know why you're canceling so that we can take care of everything for you.

Vets & Science


Do you have any recommendations from veterinarians?

Yes Chompers Club is Vet approved. We've been working with several vets during our testing period and continue to consult with them. We also have a group of expert veterinary scientists working on our formulations.


Are there any clinical studies on the product?

"Here is a clinical study that provided the data on the 3 enzyme cascade that we use:

Everything Else

How can I give Chompers Club as a gift?

How do I gift a subscription to Chompers Club?

To fund a subscription for a friend, you can check out with their email address and shipping address and link your payment info to their account. Then they'll receive boxes monthly.

How do I use promo/discount codes?

Can I use more than one promo code?

Codes are limited to one per person and are typically for first-time orders.

Where do I apply my promo/discount code?

When placing your order, there's a field where you can apply your code on the checkout page.

Partnerships & Careers

Are you hiring?

Yes! We're growing Chompers Club fast and we have lots of opportunity for amazing talent. Email us at careers@chompersclub.com and we'll be in touch if we have any potential fits.

Want to collaborate?

We love exploring new partnerships with other dog lovers committed to health and wellness. Send us an email at howlback@chompersclub.com and let's talk.

Press questions?

We love sharing the story of Chompers! Send us an email at love to chat! Shoot us an email at howlback@chompersclub.com and let's talk.

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